No-nonsense running

Thijs Feuth approaches running with a back-to-the-basics philosophy, in which there is no place for things as healthy diets, stretching, core stability exercises, doping or any other method to improve running by other means than by running. Furthermore, running should preferably be fast and long. Running doesn’t serve any higher goal, for it is a goal by itself, just like life. The importance of running can be found in its uselessness. He calls this the no-nonsense running philosophy. A column on no-nonsense running can be found here (in Dutch) .

Personal Bests:

5000m 15’12 Uden (NL), June 2009
10km 31’16 Burcht (Belgium), December 2010
15km 48’28 Nijmegen (NL), November 2008
10EM 51’31 Tilburg (NL), September 2009
1/2 marathon 1:07’20 Venlo (NL), March 2009
25km 1:23’58 Losser (NL), April 2008
30km 1:43’40 Schoorl (NL), feb 2010
Marathon 2:23’32 Rotterdam (NL), april 2009

Main results:
2006: Dutch student champion cross country (long distance), Eindhoven
2007: Dutch student champion 10km roadrunning, Utrecht
2008: Bronze medalist in Dutch marathon national championships, Eindhoven
2009: 2nd Dutch runner in Rotterdam Marathon, 2:23’32
2013 & 2014: Winner of Paavo Nurmi 1/2 marathon, Turku
2015 & 2016: Winner of Paavo Nurmi marathon, Turku
2015: Bronze medalist in Finnish marathon national championships, Pyhtää
2016: Silver medalist in Finnish marathon national championships, Lahti
2018: Winner of Terwamaraton, Oulu
2018: Winner of Ruskamarathon, Levi

Results in 2018
May: Terwamarathon, Oulu: 2:32’57 (1st)
April: Hamburg Marathon 2:36’18
April: Finnish Championships 1/2 marathon: 1:10’27 (6th)
March: (stormy) Stevensloop 1/2 M, Nijmegen (NL) 1:13’46 (3rd)
February: ECCC Cross Country, Mira (Portugal), 99th
January: Egmond halve marathon, Egmond (NL) 1:12’06

Results in 2017
June: Midzomernachtcross 10 EM, Amsterdam (NL) 53’47 (course record)

Results in 2016
May: Winner of Terwa 1/2 marathon, Oulu 1:10’16
July: Winner of (hot) Paavo Nurmi marathon, Turku 2:35’11
Sept: Winner of Lassen hölkkä, Myrskylä
Sept: 2nd in Finnish marathon national championships, Lahti 2:27:02

Results in  2015

July: Winner of Paavo Nurmi marathon, Turku 2:30’52
July: Winner of Forssan ratakymppi (10.000m on track) in 32’15
August: Winner of Runner’s Twilight, 1/2 marathon, Helsinki in 1:11’05
Sept: Winner of Ruskon Ympärijuoksu 1/2 marathon 1:10’27
Sept: Bronze medalist on Finnish marathon national championships, Pyhtää 2:29’35
Oct.: Amsterdam Marathon 2:26’49



Foto: Jannemien Bosman


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